b.1971, Caracas, Venezuela

Through an approach toward abstraction that incorporates a wide range of styles and media, Pablo Griss constructs poetic interpretations via spatial  juxtapositions. ‘I am obsessed with space’ he admits. ‘My work embodies my need to create atmospheres, not recognizable ones but rather spaces that  reveal themselves in a peculiar, more poetic way’. Uniting an accomplished  geometric draftsmanship with a loose and unconventional painterly style, Griss’s strongly expressionist work weaves back and forth between angular lines and stream-of-consciousness mark-making. Through such stylistic freedom and a devotion to a layered, palimpsest-like approach, the artist lends a sense of visual depth to his works. He also emphasizes the surreal  nature of his backgrounds, both inviting the viewer into their environment  while simultaneously reminding the viewer of their pure intangibility. At times, Griss’s work seems entirely reliant on geometric abstraction; at other times, as though in a fit of dynamism, these same paintings appear to embody wild organic movement. Perhaps the works find their strongest form of expression  when Griss’s regimented shapes begin to collapse upon themselves, suggesting so much more than mere patterning. ‘As a painter in front of the canvas I explore my weaknesses,’ Griss confides. Exploring materiality, including collage, mixed media and gold leaf, he seems eager to establish and then deconstruct his own sense of order, both inside and outside the studio space.


100 Painters of Tomorrow


Kurt Beers


Thames & Hudson, 2014


Pg. 120 /121






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